Genealogy Research Options and Fees

I am so thankful to Emma for helping me uncover mysteries in my family's ancestry. Her expertise quickly found answers to my lineage. I have used her services twice and believe it was money well spent.

Leilon Duff

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I am experienced in providing family history consultations for a variety of needs. These include solving genealogy mysteries, breaking down brick walls, finding living relatives, and offering genetic genealogy advice.

I also offer consultations exploring family health (including mental health) history for clients with a general interest, as well as those in recovery, those interested in emotional genealogy/epigenetics (uncovering past trauma/secrets), and where knowledge of family history has been recommended by a therapist or other medical professional.

During the consultation, we will discuss any past research, questions you have, and construct a plan for research. Online checks will be made of indexes and (where possible) digitised copies of original documents relevant to your queries. Any limitations to the research will be highlighted.

Family History Plan

You may wish to carry out your own research into your family tree, but are unsure how best to approach it. I offer guided family history plans, personally tailored to your individual research requirements, allowing you to proceed on your own but with structure.

Family History Gifts

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of genealogy with personalised family history vouchers.

A wonderful present for anyone, whether they have specific family history mysteries or a general interest.

Family history is a priceless gift, but this voucher can help friends or relatives embark on a journey for life.

Vouchers are available from £30.

Ancestral Tourism

Basic research + 2 hours personal guided tour of ancestral sites (homes/churches/schools etc) in London. See where your ancestors lived, went to school, worked, married, and were buried £100-200.

Tours of other areas can be arranged with colleagues across the UK and Ireland.

Explore your physical/environmental roots by experiencing the climate, (landscape), homes, workplaces, schools, churches, shops, cemeteries, and possibly food, of your ancestors.


All packages include extra costs. You will only pay the price of the package; this includes postage.

For individually-tailored research, charges are made for research time plus extra costs.


Consultation Fees

Face to face meeting in London (NW5 area) = £50.00 per hour

Skype/videophone/telephone consultation = £45 per hour/ £60 for 1½ hours

Consultation fee includes research undertaken prior to meeting, relating to completed research questionnaire. This will form the basis of the consultation, and ensure that time is utilised efficiently.

Family History Plan: £50

Personalised Family History Activity Plan for Children: £30

Family History Research Packages

Research report + professionally printed family tree £350

2 hours of consultation + research report = £500

2 hours of consultation + research report + professionally printed family tree = £600

Extra Costs Include:

  • English & Welsh GRO Certificates of birth, marriage & death [1837 onwards] = £9.25 paper/£6 PDF
  • Post-1858 English & Welsh Wills, Grants of Probate and Administrations = £10 PDF
  • Printing = standard commercial rates
  • Entry fees to some genealogy or other archives (rare)
  • Photocopying/digital image copies = as priced in the relevant archive or record office
  • Postage = standard Royal Mail rates

Payment Policy

Work will be undertaken once agreed with you. Please allow 3-5 weeks for completion. Once the research has been completed, you will be invoiced for the total owed. On receipt of payment, the research results will be either emailed or posted (as appropriate).

Preferred method of payment is by direct bank transfer. You can do this via Internet or telephone banking, or in person at your local branch. This is the quickest, simplest, cheapest and most secure method of payment.

We do, however, accept all of the following methods of payment:

  • Directly into the Genealogic account (from your bank by telephone or internet transfer) - the bank details will be detailed on the invoice you receive
  • Payment with a credit card via PayPal ( (Note: an extra 5% is charged on all PayPal payments to cover fees.)
  • Cheque made payable to 'Emma Jolly' and sent to 89A Croftdown Road, London NW5 1EY.

Please note Genealogic retain the right to withhold documents until full payment has been received.

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