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I am absolutely delighted with all the information that you have found for me. It had taken me a great deal of time to find the correct person, working on the problem for about five years! I was not positive even then that I had the correct one! Your research has I believe, proven that I have the correct lady. Thank you very very much for carrying out this research for me, you have done a wonderful job.

BW, Oxford

Emma Jolly book signing Tracing Your Ancestors Using The Census

Terms & conditions

A free assessment is taken before any work is undertaken.

Work is commissioned on receipt of an agreed deposit. The minimum deposit is £54. The deposit is fully deducted from the final total.

Research is commissioned to an agreed budget. This may be based upon an hourly rate (currently £27 per hour) or a set amount.

Costs outside of research time will be charged separately. These costs may include records of civil registration and probate, copying and archive costs, postage, database credits, printing, and postage. All costs will be agreed with the client before purchase.


Emma Jolly retains copyright to all research reports undertaken on behalf clients. Copyright of records cited in the report is indicated within. No part or parts of the report should be reproduced publicly or online without express permission of the copyright holder.

Privacy policy

From 25th May 2018, a new EU data protection law comes into force. Genealogic recognises its responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 1998 in respect of the data that it maintains digitally and on paper with regard to clients, past and present. Client confidentiality is paramount. Some records accessed in the course of research may be held in the public domain. However, none of the information provided by the client, or included in the final written report, will be shared or discussed with third parties without the client’s express permission. Clients have the right to request a copy of the information held about them. Copies of some or all of a client's personal information can be disclosed on request. Clients have the right of correction to their data.

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